• Chamber Orchestra - 8-15 players.  If you would like something extra special, consider a chamber orchestra.  This will give you a much richer and fuller sound and will greatly enhance your music selections.
  • String Quartet (2 violins, viola, cello)  This is our most popular ensemble. It is thoroughly versatile, extremely flexible and able to perform inside a church, in a park, or on top of a mountain.
  • String Trio - 2 violins and cello or violin, viola, cello
  • String Duo - violin and cello
  • Flute with 2 violins and cello, violin and cello, or just cello
  • Piano with string quartet, trio or duo
  • Classical guitar with quartet, trio, duo, or cello
  • Trumpet with string quartet or trio
  • Harp with string quartet, trio or duo
  • Try a combination:  flute, violin, guitar, cello

You might want to consider a vocalist to add an extra special touch to your ceremony. The Silver City Singers are a mixture of female, male, classical and pops singers. Solos, duets or any combination are available Ask for our suggestions, or let us know your favorite song.

Professional arranger available to provide music for  your particular interest.  If your favorite music is not available in print, our arranger can fit it to whatever ensemble you wish.


"Thank You to you and your string quartet for helping to make our special day that much more beautiful and memorable." Deanette and Brett


A Member of


Dear Wendy and other wonderful members of the Silver City Strings, We can’t thank you enough for playing so beautifully at our wedding. In particular, we want to thank you for learning “Two of Us,” a song that we love and has a lot of meaning for us as we start our marriage. We heard so many compliments of your playing at the reception and brunch the next morning. Thank you! If we can provide a reference or anything further, please don’t hesitate to let us know All our best to you, Jess and Walker

Wendy, We were so lucky to have you and your colleagues join us today. You provided the heart and soul of the ceremony. Thank you so much, Jon and Ali

"We were so pleased with your beautiful music.  Everything was perfect and you were a joy to work with. Thanks." SK, Chicago